Do I Need to be Working at 1 a.m.?

Stayed up a little late last night obsessively organizing the basement for no good reason (I mean, it needs to be done, there’s still many hours to go, but did I need to be working on it at 1 a.m.? I did not. Sometimes my decision-making is poor.)

As a result, I slept badly, and expect to be tired and cranky all day, having trouble focusing. One hour of midnight productivity really wasn’t worth that. Sigh.

Ah well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through some of the to-do list today anyway, especially since it’s mostly DEAL WITH ALL THE E-MAIL.

Maybe I’ll make a little soap too. I finished the lilac & lilies soaps yesterday (see? so pretty!), and I’m hoping to do jasmine soaps today, with embedded dried jasmine flowers. We’ll see if they come out nicely.

And I think I’ll start making cookies for the September treat boxes too — chocolate embossed Totoro cookies, possibly. I promised Kavi we’d watch Totoro sometime soon — today might be the day.

To Do:

– wait impatiently for pool to be delivered today —

– respond in detail to Kel Bachus’s e-mail re: hosting Fiberworld duties

– revise newsletter

– make some jasmine soap for September treat boxes?

– bake chocolate Totoro cookies?

– plant some plants, much delayed, poor things

– maybe revise a story or essay? (now we’re getting overambitious)

– do second outline on Wild Cards story (that probably won’t happen today, given grogginess, but plan to focus on it Saturday)

– start novel revision (no, I’m scared. I’m going to mess it up. Maybe Saturday. Or Sunday. Or in August….I can put this off indefinitely, just watch me….)

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