Slow Progress

I’m making very slow progress on everything, which unfortunately feels like I’m not doing anything, because very little is actually getting finished. Sigh. But some things from today:

– I made and wrote up and posted about a yummy dish
– I met with Margaret Treanor Frey on Slack and we refined the page-by-page outline for issue 1 of our comic; she’s going to take that away and storyboard it next, yay (she is totally doing 90% of the work on this, I feel like we need to figure out a way to do the co-author credit appropriately)
– I finished and packaged 5 masks (and then realized that the person added 3 more masks later, so I need to unpackage it and re-do, but that’s okay)
– I made another lilac & lily soap. 1-2 more to go to finish this batch. It’s very slow, with an individual soap mold.

Um, that’s all I did today? Sigh.


Things to do:

– talk to Kavi about two art projects we might do together — DONE
– wait for some contractors to finish installing new HVAC and pay them — DONE
– finish the lilac & lily soaps (not that I know what I’m doing with them, exactly — maybe I’ll do a flash sale for those and the remaining orange creamsicle soaps and the lavender bath salts and the passionfruit & rose bath salts?) — DONE
– sew three plague doctor masks to finish up that order — DONE
– make a new batch of curry powder (several orders came in with the sale yesterday, so that’s nice, but they all wanted curry powder, and I’m currently out) — ROASTED
– wait impatiently for pool to be delivered today — DELAYED ‘TIL FRIDAY, SIGH


– sew Sunil’s order of masks (he’s next in queue)
– respond in detail to Kel Bachus’s e-mail re: hosting Fiberworld duties
– organize a little more of the basement (very slow process)
– plant some plants, much delayed, poor things
– maybe revise a story or essay? (now we’re getting overambitious)
– do second outline on Wild Cards story (that probably won’t happen today, but plan to focus on it tomorrow)
– start novel revision (no, I’m scared. I’m going to mess it up. Maybe Saturday. Or Sunday. Or in August….I can put this off indefinitely, just watch me….)

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