VR question, Oculus Quest edition. My family is LOVING the game Acron — one person wears the VR headset and plays as a tree, throwing boulders and slime at pesky squirrels trying to steal acorns. At least two other people play with you, as the squirrels, using an app on their phones / tablets.

It’s the perfect level of fun for us and the kids (ages 10 and 13), and my only complaint is that it’d be nice if you could play with just one other person, because often Anand and I are up for a game, and Kevin and Kavi aren’t. But aside from that, it’s great.

As far as I can tell, though, I can’t find any other games like this, which sort of bewilders me, because I’d think this would be a super-natural format for VR family gaming, given that the headsets are expensive and you probably aren’t going to buy one for every member of the family. Are there games that my Googling is not helping me find? Are they just in development now, and we have to wait?

I’m aware of the escape room-style games, which we’ll try at some point, but right now, I’d really just like more in this vein, fun action games, cute cheery graphics.

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