I Could Use Some Help

Folks, I could use help.

I’m getting ready to do some serious work with the SLF in the coming weeks — we’re going to need some new volunteer grants administrators, but I also want to really focus on building out the Portolan Project creative writing & lit. teaching resources, which has a new urgency now that so many teachers will be working remote this fall. If we can create some solid modules, it will be a huge help to teachers and independent learners, I think.

If you’re interested in working on either of those projects, please let me know, especially if you have professional teaching, library, or writing experience. We’ll likely do a few Zoom meetings, and will primarily be collaborating on Slack (free to install and easy to learn how to use). This is a volunteer gig at the moment, though eventually, I’d like to build out the SLF to be paying honoraria at least to all staff. It should be a good credit for an academic C.V., though.

We have a monthly general meeting this coming Sunday, 2 – 3:30 CST, if you’re free to attend. Not required, but would likely be helpful if you’re planning to join us. I’m not sure what the overall time needs of this project would be, but probably 5-10 hours / week this summer, notably less in the fall.

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