I Broke

People, I broke, after having one above-ground pool I ordered a month ago turn out to be a scam (I still need to try to get that $350 back, do not buy from corlala.com, even if they advertise on Target’s site and look legit), and another pool I ordered a week ago (used, but in good condition) get cancelled today — probably because he sold it someone else for more money — and it all really made me want to cry; today I just lost it.

I went ahead and bought a 15′ x 48″ pool which will eat up every free inch of our backyard, and is at a ridiculous mark-up cost-wise and well outside our normal budget, but I hit my limit on prudence and willpower. My birthday is coming in a few weeks. It’s a birthday present to me. Birthday present / pandemic consolation prize. Yay. (The kids will hopefully like it too. Anand was also super-cranky with heat and boredom today. I need to arrange a playdate for him, I think. Hey, people, we’re going to have a pool. Come play with my cranky kid. But only if you’ve also been super locked-down like us, sorry. Gah.)

Also, our upstairs AC went out last night, it’s blisteringly hot up there, Anand and I slept in the basement last night, and the AC guy just came out ($200+ for an emergency visit, otherwise he couldn’t come ’til next week), and told us that sorry, our compressor is shot, and the coil is leaking fluid too, so he recommends replacing the whole unit. It’s 10 years old, and we’ll save more money that way in the long run with the newer energy efficient units; research suggests he’s right, but the upshot of all of it?

This was a very expensive day (likely $5K or more, we’ll see what the final damage is when the office calls back tomorrow), and it’s still WAY TOO HOT.

On the plus side, we should have a pool by next week Friday, if not sooner. But I think I’d better hustle on selling some more cookbooks. OUCH.

(At least I made a nice beef curry yesterday, and have been eating that all day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small blessings.)

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