Tension and Harmony

When I first came to UIC, I really hated its Brutalist architecture, which can be a bit depressing in a long Chicago winter. But it’s grown on me over time, mostly because I’ve realized the clean, rigid lines provide a dramatic modern backdrop to the wildness of nature. Tension and harmony.

So when I was looking for a planter for my parkway blueberry, I went for one with clean rectangular lines. Finally got it planted up and moved in last week, and I’m loving the effect.

And see how the pink-blue of the ripening blueberries (I think this variety is called “Pink Lemonade”) plays with the grey of the planter and the bright pink of the achillea (and “Elvira” gladiola beyond)? Makes my eyes happy.

Now if I can just encourage passing children to snack on the blueberries, that’d be perfect. Maybe I need a little sign, like in Alice in Wonderland: “Eat me.” 

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