Little Novel, Big Novel

Finished a revision of the opening to the big novel. (I’m thinking of it as the little novel and the big novel, but it’ll be nice when I actually finish the little novel and send it out, so I can just refer to the novel instead of big novel, but anyway.) I wouldn’t prioritize that now, except that I think this first chapter (about 5300 words) actually works as a standalone story.

So I’ve now sent it to a few people with some questions, and we’ll see what they say — with luck, it’ll be ready to submit shortly. In the meantime, I have a few other stories to finish, so I’m planning to pick up one of those tomorrow.

But now, switching gears to Serendib Press & Home stuff — I have some promo e-mails from the cookbook to answer, and some masks and books and curry powder to put in the mail. Always so satisfying, shipping out cookbooks. 


“May I offer you lovely ladies some mas paan? It’s still hot.” Narayan-first-son-of-the-Big-House, the most tempting of all temptations. They had known each other since childhood – he only lived a few streets away, but lately, things had felt different between them. That electric spark she felt when the waves knocked her down, lightning in her veins? Sometimes she felt that same spark when Narayan smiled at her. Dangerous as the ocean.

He smiled at Tharani, and held out a paper on which two buns were nestled, side-by-side. Narayan’s curling black hair fell across his eyes, blocking his vision, and for a moment, the universe held its breath. She should be good. But then Tharani reached out, deliberately, and brushed the hair away. She could feel her world shake, reconfiguring into something new and strange – such a small gesture to do so much. Beside her, Raji took in a quick, shocked breath.


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