Co-hosting for Fiberworld

A little more about this Fiberworld thing I’m co-hosting in August. I was asked to be involved by Kel Bachus, who’s running it — Kel and I are also recording a podcast together, so you’ll be hearing more of that shortly (and the more I think about it, the more I think it really IS a different series than all the other podcasts I’m recording, gah, but anyway).

That got away from me a bit. Let’s try again.

When Kel first asked me to be a co-host for this festival, I hesitated, because I’m NOT any kind of fiber expert, certainly. But on the other hand, I am an inveterate dabbler, someone who can’t resist trying spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc.

I’m becoming increasingly decent on my sewing machine with all this mask-sewing practice (I can really whip them out now, and my thread rarely tangles!), and of course, I have many years of crocheting and knitting behind me (check me out on Ravelry to see some past projects:

So I decided that maybe it was not unreasonable for me to co-host this; I can at least ask the knowledgeable panelists reasonably informed questions. I *am* amused by how they described me in the bio section, though:

“An activist, author and post-colonial academic, Mary Anne can teach and demolish the concept of the domestic arts simultaneously. Her Serendib brand is lifestyle’s new wave.”


August 19-23, register at the link.

Fiberworld 2020

Fiber and lifestyle: evolved

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