Board Games, Flowers, and Books

Mornings are settling into a good summer routine here, though I’d still like to shift them 30 minutes or so earlier, so I can get to work a little sooner. But this is what we have so far:

– Anand wakes up early, usually by 7 or so

– by 8, he’s supposed to feed and water the cats, the dog, and himself (he finds it very amusing that he’s supposed to water himself)

– by 8, I’ve gotten up and had breakfast, coffee, meds, then we set out on our walk. So far, we’re just doing a 20-minute loop through Mills Park (pictured with lovely native prairie plantings, coneflower and such) and a few neighboring streets; as he gets used to walking, I’m planning to extend that to 25 minutes or 30. We occasionally jog a little. We listen to the Zombies, Run! app while we go, usually turning down the music in between the story segments and chatting. He is a talkative child.

– 8:30ish, we play a quick 30-minute board game; today I taught him Lotus, which I told him was sort of like Risk, but with flowers. Anand says it’s not really like Risk, but he had fun anyway. It’s a territory control game, is what I’m saying. Anyway. 

– 9-ish, he’s free for an hour (until it’s time for him to go wake Kavi @ 10), and I start working. In theory.

In practice today, I finished re-reading a Star Trek novel (Diane Duane‘s “Doctor’s Orders”, which is just charming and sweet, and it amuses me how it implies that Star Trek and her Young Wizards are basically in the same universe…) while watering the front annual pots and new perennial plantings. But now I’m going to settle into work.

Board games and flowers and books. Good. Hey, I’ve not done a good job of keeping up with posting about it, but the Serendib House board game library is still open, so do feel free to borrow games for up to two weeks; just let me know.

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