Fingers and Spoons

Woot! It looks like one of my picture book projects, “Fingers and Spoons,” is going to be picked up by a lovely indie press. More details when the contract is inked, in about a month or so, but it’s a very nice way to start the summer-of-writing.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me feedback on this manuscript over the years it’s taken to get to this point. Who would have thought getting so few words right would be so hard? 

I do think I want to write under a slightly different name for my kids / middle-grade / YA ventures. (I haven’t published any of the latter, but there are books in progress.). So I need to settle on a name to use. If you have opinions (esp. if you know about publishing, or if you’re a teacher or kids’ librarian), feel free to weigh in:

– Mary Mohanraj

– Mary A. Mohanraj

– Amirthi Mohanraj

(Amirthi is my middle name, and what I’m known by in my family and the Sri Lankan community.)

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