In the Midst of All This

In the midst of all this, books still come out, and writers tell you about them. This recently arrived at my door, and I have to admit, it’s a little bit of a thrill, still, seeing my name in that table of contents.

Twenty-five years into this writing thing, I’m clear that I’m never going to get over the fact that I turned into a person who writes books. The little ardent reader child who practically lived in the library is delighted. When I publish my 100th book (yes, I’m aiming for that, if Asimov could do it, why not me?), I’ll still be delighted.

Three Kings works as a stand-alone Wild Cards (George R.R. Martin’s superhero series) book, though you might get a bit more out of it if you read the first British book beforehand, Knaves over Queens. That introduces some of the characters. Three Kings isn’t yet available in the U.S., but can be purchased through Amazon UK, I believe?

Which seems like it sort of makes a mockery of the whole national boundaries thing, given that I think I can buy it right now for my Kindle and have it instantly downloaded, or even get it free with an Audible trial, but anything that makes a mockery of the idea of national boundaries is probably okay with me anyway…


There are a lot of Wild Cards books listed there! Fort Freak is a good starting point, with the reboot of the series, which is also where I come in. If you’re just looking for the ones I’ve contributed to, you’d want:

The Fort Freak Triad:

• Fort Freak

• Lowball

• High Stakes (I didn’t actually write for this, because I was going through cancer treatment at the time, but my characters’ story arcs complete here for the trilogy)

…then you could read:

• Low Chicago (picks up the Natya character from the Fort Freak triad, standalone book otherwise)


• Three Kings (my main character here is Alan Turing!)

and forthcoming standalone books:

• reissue of Deuces Down (featuring Retazos)

• Joker Moon (featuring The Moon Maid)

I’m going to be working on some pitches for three new WC books next. We’ll see if George likes any of them. (All of them? That’d be nice. )

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