Does Anyone Read Newsletters Anymore?

Folks, does anyone actually read newsletters anymore? One of the Nebula panels I attended yesterday was insistent on the need for newsletters for authors, esp. indie authors, and claimed that readers LOVED them. My own e-mail is a trash fire, and as a result, I have been very slack about setting up a monthly newsletter, but if people would actually like one from me, I can do that…

…or rather, I can probably assign one of my brilliant young part-time Serendib staffers (former interns for the SLF, but I have snagged them!) to troll through my posts for the last month, pull out the most important things, and compile a little newsletter draft, which I would then look over and tweak.

(How long should such a thing be? A single page, including pictures, seems very short to fit much in, but maybe I am overly verbose?)

I mean, maybe you’re the wrong people to ask, since you’re reading me here way too often as it is. But in case you have thoughts, would love to hear them.

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