Create This Book

Kavi asked for a copy of Create This Book for her birthday, which was dutifully purchased for her, but I also got Kavi a copy of Wreck This Journal.

Create This Book was apparently meant to be a less destructive version of Wreck this Journal, or so Kavi told me, when I gave her this book? But I think my sweet girl could use a little help accessing her more destructive impulses (in a constructive manner). I feel like there’s probably a metaphor in there about protesting — sometimes you need to destroy in order to build better? — but I will leave its full unpacking as an exercise for the reader.

Kavi said I could share a copy of this exercise with you. The assignment was to create a non-stop line, and she said she thought about drawing a circle, but decided to draw this instead.

She showed it to Anand, and let him do it too, and he went for an oval-ish circle, and then promptly went back to his video game. I feel like this tells you something about both my children.

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