Pretty Hard Enough

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(In case you missed my previous note, I’ll note that Supernatural is for the Oculus Quest only, that there’s a 30-day free trial, and it’s $20 / month after that, which seems like a lot for a Beat Saber clone, but the 360 play, new songs daily (not needing to buy new music packs), better songs (to my taste, anyway), and adaptive gameplay really do seem to set it apart from Beat Saber. I still love Beat Saber, but this is different; closer to a dance-gym workout than a rhythm game. Last bit of bad news, though — the Quest was $400, but I think due to pandemic, it’s hard to find for the sticker price right now.)

I actively wanted to play Supernatural again the day after I first tried it, which is a good sign for the gamification aspect. Please make exercise fun, game designers. Please. I’m still waiting for my VR RPG game that incorporates running through the countryside and slaying monsters. (If it exists and I just don’t know about it, tell me!)

Ran the 19-minute beginner routine workout tonight after the kids went to bed, which is a late for me to exercise, but it was a busy day. I’m getting the hang of the motions better already, especially the swoopy track that ends in popping a balloon and the turns, but think I’m going to probably run the beginner routine a few more times before I start trying any other songs. After 19 minutes –> sweaty!

I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to do the kind of exercise that makes me sweaty the last few (several?) months, so it’s great to finally be doing it again — and it feels good too. My body hasn’t completely fallen out of shape in the interim, which is reassuring.

But I think we’ve established, yet again, that my ADD brain really loves novelty when it comes to exercise routines. Apparently Supernatural uploads new songs daily, so there’s always a new routine to try.

And I love that the adaptive programming means that the workout should stay at basically the right level for you — as you get better at it, it throw more balloons at you to smash.

Although reviews from hardcore athletes suggest it doesn’t ever get up to their level. Plenty hard enough for me, though. 

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