Lunchtime Picnic

1 p.m. — Lunchtime picnic! By this point, I’d set Kavi up with my laptop in my bed, so she’d be comfy (and I could plug it in) — apologies for not making the bed first, forgive the mess!

Once the girls had opened their red bags and pulled out lunch of baguette, cheeses to sample, fresh fruit, and more Nutella, I left them alone to natter amongst themselves, saying I’d be back at 2 to help them get set up for their art lesson.

Kavi is showing you the ‘marble’ plate, which she found very impressive — thanks, Target $1 bin.  The rose lemonade (found at Jewel) was lovely (if you like rose). Also from the dollar bin, all the girls got little wallets as souvenirs of the day.

I had given them some philosophical questions to discuss over lunch, in best French tradition, but when I checked back, it turned out they’d mostly spent the time playing “Never Have I Ever” — oh well! I tried.


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