Kavi’s B-Day Art Class

After visiting the Louvre, the girls took that inspiration into a virtual art class.

Art class through our local Magical Minds Studio – Creative Development (though in these interesting times, you don’t actually have to be local to support them), $15 / person, minimum of 4 participants. Recommended!

I asked for a drawing class focused on faces, which Kavi is into drawing, and she really liked it. Nice job, teacher Lindsey! (They also offer painting classes.)

Thought it was interesting how the teacher would periodically ask a student to hold their picture up close to the camera so she could see it better and critique what they were doing.

I’ve been thinking about what Maram Makerspace could do in terms of virtual classes this summer, if we have the time / energy to organize them, and this sort of format sounds reasonably do-able. Can I teach people to crochet virtually this way? Maybe. How about writing classes? Cooking classes? Hmm…

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