Exploring the Louvre

All the girls decided to explore the Louvre, so Kavi ended up Zoom’s ‘share screen’ option for this. We went to the site, clicked on the virtual tour, which gave several options, and then Kavi was in charge of navigation while her friends gave input on where to go. They didn’t love the first exhibit — the final photo was blurry, I think they said.

But they had fun with the dance exhibit — Emma is a serious dancer, and apparently many of the dancers are shown in terrible form.  The girls said it was fun, and once all this is over, I promised to take them all on a museum expedition together.

After 45 minutes of it, they were ready for lunch, so if you try this, I wouldn’t recommend planning on a lot of time. Virtual tours are a nice option for right now, but they have so much less depth than the real thing — it’s easy to whip through them really fast, especially if you’re not in the mood to do a lot of reading.

(I walked by when Ishani was reading one out loud, pretending to be translating the French at the top of the page, but actually reading the English at the bottom of the page. Funny. 


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