Balloons Make Everything More Festive

Target also had a helium tank, hooray — I was hoping they would have one in stock; they don’t always, esp. at the little Target up the street from me. Balloons make everything more festive.

I put brunch, lunch, and dessert in three separate small bags, and then stuffed all of those each in a larger paper bags. (Also from Target.) A lot of paper! But they’re all re-usable, so hopefully the parents hung onto them for future birthdays, and really, how can you go to Paris and not do at least a little shopping?

Little bows stuck on and a divided up bunch of grocery store flowers completed the packages, and I ran around this morning in the car and dropped them off to each girl’s house, so they’d be all set for their day of celebrating. I really do think eating together is pretty central to my idea of what a celebration should be.

Of course, that should come as no surprise to any of you… 


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