10 Ten Days

cn: exercise

Ten days into my 100-days challenge, and I did 20 minutes walking on treadmill @ 3.0, 2 minutes running @ 6 (in 30-second intervals), 20 minutes walking while working on laptop @ 2.0.

That was good. I’d like to start every day like this going forward; we’ll see. I used to do this, a couple years ago, and got out of the habit, and have been quite bit more pudgy as a result in the intervening time. I also stopped lifting weights, and want to get back to that too.

I quite enjoyed being a lean, mean fighting machine. I have things to do, people, and need to be fit enough to get them done. 

Join my Olympians FB group if you’d like to participate in the 100 days challenge too. Starting on our day 10 is totally okay!

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