Fabric from Fabric Guru

More fabric finally arrived today, which is just as well, because I was running out of several patterns. The geekier ones aren’t here yet, but these are all beautiful, in their different ways, and I hope they bring some people joy. These are from Fabric Guru, and shipped very quickly, so if you’re looking for fabric, check that site out. Discounted designer fabric, lots and lots of options.

It’s a little tricky finding interesting fabrics with pattern elements that are small enough to look nice on a mask, and even if you do find them, sometimes the fabrics are elaborate enough that you can’t guarantee which particular bit of a pattern a mask would end up as.

That’s true of a lot of these, I’m afraid, so if someone orders one from me, they’re going to be taking their chances, a bit, whether they get a columbine or a goldenrod, lily pad or koi, elephant or monkey, leaping deer or placid bird. But I’ll try to make them look nice, and hopefully that’s enough to make people a little happier. (The photos show a roughly mask-sized piece, then a larger stretch of each fabric, so people can see what else they might be getting.)

It’s never going to be fun, putting on a mask to go to the grocery store. But having bright flowers or a map of Middle Earth on my face makes me a little happier about it all, so I hope they do the same for someone else. I’ve listed the names for each of these on the photos, although keep in mind that Fabric Guru does remnants, so they may run out.

(Still closed to mask orders, sorry — I’m about 2-3 weeks behind on orders, and I also have to pause partway into that and sew some donated masks for my librarians going back to work. Will post a note when the order page is live again, although if you fall in love with one of these and want to be put on the wait list, make a note below, and I’ll ask Emmanuel to start keeping a list for me.)

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