Slow Morning

Slow morning, it feels like. I did get up reasonably early, but ended up spending an hour sorting through exercise clothes, trying to figure out what fits well, what’s worn out, etc. Since I’m constantly going in and out of my house gardening these days, I want clothes that I’m comfortable being seen in, which are also comfortable to wear, and comfortable for exercising. Kind of a tall order!

I feel like I still haven’t figured out this leggings thing. I mean, yes, they’re comfortable, but if I wear them with socks and sneakers, so I can easily hop on the treadmill midday, I feel like I’ve stepped out of the 80s. This seems perilously close to the leg warmer look too. I would be self-conscious walking around town like that. Is it just me, or is it really a fashion don’t?

I don’t feel the same way with leggings and slip-on casual sneakers, but those don’t have as much cushioning as my running sneakers. And I think a lot of the look that bothers me are the crew sock tops, but ever time I’ve tried no-show socks, they’ve slipped off my heel sometime during the day, and that’s super annoying. Also, my socks don’t match my outfit, but I have no clean socks that do. Yes, I’m overthinking this.

And while we’re at it, I tried buying some leggings that had thigh pockets, because that would be useful for my phone (I’m often listening to podcasts while gardening), but they have so much elasticity stuff in them that they feel really unbreathable. Maybe they’re just too tight, and a larger size would feel better? Or maybe it’s just endemic to this kind of fabric?

Clothes. I really don’t want to spend this much time thinking about clothes, but if I can sort out a half-dozen outfits that fit the criteria, then I can think about it all a lot less for the next few months. (Although, of course, we’ll be moving into shorts weather soon, sigh.)

And to complicate it all, I’m recording a podcast / video with Benjamin at 10 today, and if we’re going to do video, I’ll be self-conscious about that too, so I spent a while fretting about whether I wanted to add more pink to my hair, what I wanted to wear on camera, etc.

If we’re going to be recording regularly, I think adding a whole hair-and-make-up routine to this is going to be a disincentive to doing it at all, and in fact, I think I did hair and make-up for one of the cooking videos, and I feel sort of ridiculous looking at it now. Can we just let these be casual? I’m really more of a casual sort of person. Well, sort of. Gah. This stuff is annoyingly complicated. I want Stacy London or Tim Gunn to come and tell me what to wear.

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