Paying Attention to What Actually Makes Me Feel Better

Sometimes I wake up tired and cranky, and I’m trying to pay attention to what actually makes me feel better. Lying in bed and playing a video game (Polytopia is my default these days) for 30 minutes kills time, but doesn’t actually make me feel better. It’s numbing and distracting, which is better than nothing?

But getting up and getting coffee and breakfast and taking my meds, starting to move and straightening the kitchen and sewing some masks (some of these are from last night, some this morning) — that makes me actually feel better.

Going to go for an exercise walk around the block now and then do some gardening and listen to Samin Nosrat’s “Home Cooking” podcast. I’m really loving her podcast, I think because I’m honestly a little lonely (I am at least part extrovert), and listening to it feels a little like I’m hanging out in her warm, generous kitchen.

This is the kind of podcast I’d like to host with Benjamin Rosenbaum. Speaking of which, more on that in a later post — watch for it.  And then the rest of the day is trying to get my grading finished and in (except for the few students who asked for extensions) — it’ll be a relief when that’s done. Another thing that will make me feel better!

Plus a 3 p.m. meeting with the Serendib Press team — we’re going to start working more actively again. Cooking videos and such. That will be good.

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