100 Days Challenge

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Okay, so tomorrow I’m starting a 100 Days challenge, which is basically just a concept, not any formal plan, that I will commit to doing some form of exercise (walking counts) daily, and will write the details down in my FB fitness group. You’re all welcome to join us — I think there’s about a dozen or so people who’ve said they plan to join in so far.

Olympians: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1799390716979960/

Today is Day 0: ‘pre-game’ prep. I put on a sports bra and clothes I can run in first thing, just in case the urge to exercise overcomes me. (For those in the DD and under range, I recommend the Moving Comfort sports bras, which can be hooked like a regular bra, instead of making you wrestle them over your head like a tentacled creature from the vasty deep.) I’m planning to do that for the next 100 days — since I don’t have to go into an office, there’s no real reason not to. I had ordered a cute pink hoodie for spring, and I’m wearing it now — it’s warm and comfortable and cheerful and I have no excuse for not going out for a walk this morning.

After work today is the real pre-game prep — I’m planning to set aside an hour or two to go through my exercise clothes and sort out what still fits, what doesn’t, what’s comfortable, what isn’t, what’s worn out, etc., and make a ‘capsule set’ that is prominent in my closet and is easy to grab every morning. Exercise clothes that are too small get put away for another day, ones I don’t want get donated, or if too worn, go to the rag bag. I also need to wash some of my sports bras.

Finally, I’m going to straighten up the path to the workout area in the basement, as there may be a fair bit of chaos in my way right now. 

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