Current Fabrics Available for Masks

All the current fabrics available for masks. There will be more arriving (slowly, since it’s not a priority purchase for fulfillment or shipping), because I’m afraid that every penny coming in for mask purchases is going right out again to buy more fabric.

That’s a lot of what I’m getting out of this, personally — the chance to play with gorgeously-designed fabrics, to think about color combinations and design concepts and be inspired by others’ beautiful work. I’m adding links to the names of the fabric and designers when I know them — the ones from Spoonflower are generally available for ordering as fabric, or as ready-made sheet sets, throw pillows, wallpaper, and much more.

I’ve roughly ordered the fabrics into:

• geekery
• animals
• botanicals
• more neutral prints (with the most boring at the end 

The first one is by Kavya — I’m not sure if anyone wants her “scary house” on their face, but hey, you do you!

The images are roughly mask-size, so that’s what you’ll get if you order — except note that for the terrarium fabric, LotR fabric, and space fabric, the prints are much larger, so it’s gonna be a little random which bit you get. I’ll try to make them look nice / interesting, though. For the Dr. Who, you can have a TARDIS or a Dalek, your choice — sadly, both won’t fit!

Stephanie is working on a mask ordering page through Shopify, so will post when that’s up; hopefully today. There’s a bit of a queue already, with about 12 masks requested, so if you really want one, feel free to comment below, and I’ll put you in the line; note that I’m slow and can only sew about 4 masks / day. $10 / mask + shipping if you’re not local and able to do porch pickup.

Each mask ordered, I sew another to donate to a local essential worker (which includes their families, who are also at increased risk). I have a queue of those already too, but if you’d like to request one of those free masks, please comment or PM me to be added to the list.

And as a final note, if you’re a local area schoolteacher working in math or the sciences, and would like a free Hidden Figures mask to wear for a Zoom class or just when you’re walking out and about, I’d be very happy to sew you one. 

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