Kavi’s Big Piece

Kavi had a school assignment to make a ‘big’ piece of art. This is the sidewalk in front of our little free library — it took her two hours, and she was a little annoyed that she spent that long on it, but she was also super proud of it, and rightfully so. Nice surprise for us, and hopefully the neighbors enjoy it too! She said it was VERY satisfying peeling up the tape, and I’m sure it was.

Anand asked her what she’d do if he dumped a bucket of water on it, and she said¬†she’d break his iPad and then he was VERY mad at her for a while, but they sorted it out. We may need to have some discussions about the value and utility of a proportionate response; they’re a little young to watch that West Wing episode yet.¬†

She appears to have borrowed my new spring shoes, which I will allow, since they coordinate so nicely with her art…

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