Last Night’s Efforts

Last night’s efforts. I am still trying to figure out how to finish the ends of the bias tape. I saw something about a zigzag stitch on some tutorial, and my machine has some, so I tried those, and it works fine, I think? Sort of pretty; I like the wider zigzag look better than the narrow one. No idea if there’s any good reason to do the zigzags instead of just sewing a straight seam, aside from aesthetics?

Oh, there is SO MUCH I don’t know about sewing. I tried googling zigzag stitches, and got lost in tutorials for very complicated sewing stuff that I will almost certainly never need. And I did one with the bias tape wrapped over the mask top, and one with it behind, and they’re both fine, I think? Just a slightly different look to them.

But hey, two masks, and I really like the elastic on bottom, ties on top — if I were working a full day, this is the style I’d want for myself. No abrasion behind the ears, and this style makes it easy to take a lunch break, grab a drink, etc. — just undo the top ties, let the mask hang from the elastic, and then redo. Also helps it fit a wide variety of head sizes. I did 10″ of elastic on the bottom (knotted and sewn into the corner), and 3′ of fabric tie on top.

What I really love about these are the moth pattern one, which reminds me of the Indian moon moth I tried to draw for a fabric pattern long ago (with the Tamil word ‘nilavu’ for moon). I drew it too faintly, I think — the colors don’t really show up well, so while it’s available on Spoonflower, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to you. 

But I still like the concept, so I may try drawing it again at some point. Maybe in watercolors, since Kavi and I are doing this class together now…

Colorful fabrics digitally printed by Spoonflower – Indian Moon Moth

Spoonflower’s Shipping Update Design #151504 42″ wide, 4.3oz per sq yard 100% natural cotton fabric that’s versatile, soft and easy to sew White Estimated shrinkage: 2-3% in length and 4-5% in width Perfect for quilting, craft projects, costuming, toys and accessories.

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