Mutual Aid Final Project

(shared in case it’s of interest to teachers)

Mutual Aid Final Project

This option would take the place of the final paper. The first step is for the entire class; steps 2 and 3 are if you want to do this instead of writing a final paper for the course.


Week 1 (April 13 – 19 — due Sunday night 4/19 by midnight): (for entire class, even if you’re planning to write a final paper)

• Go online and google at least 3 mutual aid coronavirus efforts that have popped up; write at least 1/2 page of notes on each one (bullet points are fine, ditto paragraphs), and share with the class in the mutual aid document in Blackboard Collaboration space — be sure to link back to the various projects’ websites, spreadsheets, etc.

Week 2 (April 20 – 26 — due Sunday night 4/26 by midnight): (for those selecting the mutual aid option for final project)

• Actually contribute materially to a mutual aid project, either one that you or a classmate has found, or one you create yourself; aim for at least 3 hours of work. This can be computer-based work (collating information, writing it up, making teaching podcasts or videos) or more physical (sewing masks, dropping off food to quarantined individuals, volunteering in healthcare, etc.) If choosing this option, by Sunday night at midnight 4/26, send me a quick note via e-mail letting me know what you’ve done for the material contribution component.

Week 3 (April 27 – May 4 — due Monday of finals week 5/4, midnight)

• Write a 2-3 page report on the project, including a thesis argument centered on the utility of mutual aid during times of societal change and governmental crisis. Some questions you might consider: What did you end up doing? How useful do you think it was? How could you do it better? What would have made your task easier? Are there ways you could enlist more people in helping? Are efforts to help marginalized communities incorporating feedback and perspectives from people within those communities (‘nothing about us without us’)?

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