Pandemic Sunset

Pandemic Sunset at the Grocery Store, 180.

I haven’t been to a grocery store in….a month? I think a full month now. I was hit by an intense craving for fruit and veggies and cheese, and I’d had to go out to drop off cut elastics for masks, so I put on my mask and ventured into the relatively empty store and I went a little nuts with the fruit and veggies and cheese and maybe five different flavors of ice cream, don’t judge me.

Then I came out, and even though I’ve seen good sunsets in this parking lot before, it’s been a month since I’ve been out here, and we’d just had a thunderstorm, so there it was, that astonishing sky, boom. And no cars around — just a big, empty lot, a lot that is never empty, and so I had to stop and take a photo. And that would have been enough.

But then I turned around, and it was as if I’d blinked — the other side of the lot had cars and people and movement and the pink sky reflecting off the building windows and that was stunning too, in a different way.

A breath, inhaled, held, and then exhaled again. The sun moves across the sky, the storm must eventually pass. Onwards.

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