Zooming with Lisa Bradley

Did a Zoom class, talked through Lisa Bradley, “Una Canción de Keys,” (http://strangehorizons.com/poetry/una-cancin-de-keys/) and Sabrina Vourvoulias, La Gorda and the City of Silver, (http://mithilareview.com/vourvoulias_01_17/ ), and it went pretty well, I think. Managed to explicate some interesting elements of both pieces, connect to other readings and literary context, etc.

Only two of the six students who showed up were chatty, but I’m hoping as we get more used to it, they’ll loosen up a little and join in more. One of my students doesn’t have mic or video, so has to join in via chat, which is a little extra challenging for them. Teachers, remember that your students have varied levels of tech access.

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