Unicorn Nectar

It turns out that making individual soaps in a mold, while a slow process, actually pairs really well with grading. Grade a little, melt a little soap, pour it out, grade a little more, come back and un-mold, repeat. Kavi’s commentary on these: “They’re so beautiful, they don’t look real. They look like the liquid that unicorns would drink!”

I have therefore dubbed these Unicorn Nectar wild rose soaps; they have a rose & passionfruit scent, obviously because the unicorns have crushed rose petals and passionfruit juice into their nectar…

Glycerin soap, rose and passionfruit essential oils (3 droppers each / lb.), and sparkly mica in two colors. These will go in the next set of spring surprise boxes. 

(Also pictured, a different set of soaps that I tried doing first, which ended up a sort of interesting moody dark pink when I added rose petals to them — maybe they’re for goth unicorns…)

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