We think Sripati decided it was spring

Aryabhata would like locals to keep an eye out for his brother, Sripati, who has gone wandering again. Sigh. Sri is an indoor / outdoor cat, and both of them usually go out for a few hours every day, walking their territories, but then come back for meals, to spend the night, to sleep, for snuggles and scritches, etc. We had an unseasonably warm couple of days earlier this week, and we think Sri decided it was spring, and time to live outdoors for a while. Silly kitty. We fret.

At least this time, we think Sri probably has his collar on, because I found a new kind that the cats haven’t been slipping nearly as fast, and of course, he’s microchipped, so if someone brings him in, they’ll call me. But friends, do ping me if you see him. Mostly white, grey head and tail.


(No opinion comments on having outdoor cats, please.)

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