It’s a sheer joy seeing Jean-Luc on screen again

Just watched the first episode of Picard; I liked it quite a bit, but keep in mind that my heart belongs to Star Trek, so it is hard for me to think critically about it.

And Jean-Luc just makes me smile; it’s a sheer joy seeing him on screen again. And I rather adore his fuzzy white eyebrows. Someday, Kevin will have eyebrows just like those, and I will love them just as much. 🙂

I hadn’t realized Michael Chabon was executive producing — I have a lot of trust in him. (There’s a job I’d abandon many things for…)

I did pause it partway through to read a plot summary of Nemesis, because I’d mostly forgotten it, and in retrospect, I sort of wish I’d actually re-watched it first, even though it is not my favorite of the Star Trek movies. So there’s a recommendation for you!

Watching this episode sparked multiple ideas for my SF novel too. I’m going to start watching the Expanse soon too (I started it once, got sidetracked a few episodes in, so planning to just start over). I’m still drowning a bit in backlogged to-do items, but I think I see light at the end of the tunnel, and writing some science fiction at the other end of it….

[no spoilers, please]


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