Walls of greenery

Decor question? I was chatting with a colleague on campus who was frustrated that the pothos she’d hung in her office wasn’t as huge and bushy as she’d like, and I sympathized — in my first year at UIC, I tried to bring in live plants, but between the very limited light and my erratic schedule and watering, they quickly perished. I’ve been there ten years, you know, and my office decor hasn’t changed in that time.

I am suddenly finding the urge to redecorate, and specifically to go crazy with faux greenery. Would appreciate recommendations for inexpensive WALLS OF GREENERY, please. I’m picturing the kind of thing you see at weddings sometimes, something I can maybe nail to the wall up high, or drape over a folding screen. It would be super fun to have students open my office door and encounter a jungle. 🙂

(It wouldn’t be nearly as ornate as this photo — the pic just made me smile!)

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