Naming things is HARD

We are having serious naming difficulties for this comic. So we want a name that exemplifies the comic and is available as a URL (that is ideally easy to say, remember, and type).

The basic setting of the comic is Adventure Town — a village of retired adventurers, who are sort of like a tourist trap? They live on the crossroads between various dangerous realms, and adventurers are always coming through, seeking their fortune, and the villagers are happy to feed them, put them up for the night, sell them gear and maps that are guaranteed to lead them to the very best treasure, or your money back (assuming you survive). The overall tone is light and sardonic.

The problem is that Adventure Town is a) too close to Adventure Time as a name, and a) not available anyway. Adventure Village isn’t great either. And apparently¬†Margaret¬†and I just suck at naming, as we haven’t come up with ANYTHING decent, never mind the URL issues. Brainstorming help???


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