Only feeling mildly terrible

Day 7 of cold: woke up after much coughing in the night, feeling reasonably rested nonetheless (due to the NyQuil that kept dragging me back under). Only felt mildly terrible on waking, which is a great improvement from the utterly horrible waking of two days ago.

Cold, despite wearing thick sweats. Have managed to get Anand breakfast, and am now tucked up on couch with coffee, meds, and under a blanket, so I feel marginally ok right now, though I don’t expect it to last if I try to move. Still hacking cough that is close enough to full body that it makes me tired. Bodies, bah.

Going to try to rest as much as possible because I really don’t want to have to cancel tomorrow’s classes too; it’d be a rotten start to the semester. We’ll see.

7:50 addendum: I realized I’d forgotten a key piece of paper I needed in order to work on the couch, so I went upstairs and got it, in the process getting a second sweater to put over my sweatshirt, and came back to find Ellie ensconced on the couch, so now I have a dog to snuggle up with and am actually warm, which is something.

Dogs are the best.


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