Kavi feels bad for her sick Mommy

I am so pathetic in my sickness (it’s just a cold, but a bad one), that Kavi came to me after Anand went to bed and said, “Mommy, I still have an hour until bedtime and I’ve done all my homework; are there any chores I could help you with?”

So in the last 45 minutes, she’s swept up the needles from the Christmas tree (that Kev took out earlier), sorted a big bin of miscellaneous stuff and distributed it to various places all over the house, and emptied the dishwasher.

I just told her to go ahead and go to bed, and she asked if there really wasn’t anything else I needed her to do, and I said no, it was fine, I was going to go to bed soon too, and thanks so much for all the help, and she said, “I just feel so bad for my sick Mommy.”

Like I said, I am clearly *very* pathetic right now.

But I have a perfect child, so it’s okay.

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