Having a hard time focusing

I’m having a really hard time focusing right now. Part of that is tiredness; I managed to go back to sleep for a bit after my 5 a.m. phone call with Europe (for Plurality U folks, talking through board administration work; hoping they can find the budget to help me get to Amsterdam for the April conference), but I’m still dragging now.
Breakfast with the SALA conference folks was good and coffee ditto, but not quite enough to really wake me up. And yet, I have too much to do to just go back to sleep. Gah.
I think maybe I could use better music; I have a wordless playlist, and it helps my ADD brain to focus generally, but it’s not that long, and I may have listened to it so much at this point that it’s losing effectiveness. If you have songs you use for this, recommendations welcome. Entire albums, even better, as that’s easier to get and add.
(I think this is where Kevin tells me that I should stop buying music and switch to setting up a playlist some other way; we have Kindle unlimited on the Alexa at home, but that won’t work when I’m the road, will it? I’m going to be on the road a lot this year, so I have to figure this out. Oh, I am feeling old and tech-illiterate at this moment.)

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