A massive pile of logistical stuff

Okay. So I had a massive pile of logistical stuff to deal with, like contacting Elliott Bay and Hugo House and Book Larder and Capitol Cider here in Seattle, to see if I can stop by tomorrow and show them Feast and talk about ordering books / events, should I come back to Seattle soon.
(Hm. I’m not sure WHEN I should come back to Seattle. SF / Clarion folks, if you were visiting Seattle between March and October, when would you try to come? Are there cons I should peg the potential visit to? A great Clarion party or event?)
Much of this was very urgent, so I had to skip the after-lunch panel sessions at SALA, which makes me grumpy. But I have just one more thing to do, and then I’ll be clear enough that I can go to a panel — I’m planning on this one, which looks fascinating, if also troubling…
Teaching South Asia in Precarious Times
Chair: Masood Raja, University of North Texas
Rahul K. Gairola, Murdoch University, “Teaching Amidst Terrorism: Hermeneutical Tensions in the Expository Writing Classroom During the ‘New War’”
Masood Raja, University of North Texas, “Teaching Precarity in the era of Neoliberal Globalization”
Asma Sayed, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, “Teaching South Asia in an Interdisciplinary Social Justice Context”
Upasana Dutta, University of Chicago, “The Ethics of Reading Crises: Working on Kashmir after the Abrogation of Article 370”

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