Teaching Beef Smoore

I think I’m going to try doing a teaching video of Beef Smoore today, which is a super-simple Sri Lankan roast. The tricky thing is that I’m doing it with some visiting friends, Lisette and Carmela, and the recipe calls to marinate for 2 hours, and later to cook for 2 hours. So in order to film that, I think the right thing to do is make 3 batches, so that I can:

a) Start marinating batch 1 @ 8 a.m.
b) Put that in the oven @ 10 a.m., start marinating batch 2
c) At 12 noon, record video with them, showing them how to prep and set marinating batch 3; then pull marinated batch 2 out, and show them how to put it in the oven to cook; then pull the finished batch 1 out of the oven and eat it for our lunch with rice and vegetables.

Guess we’ll have lots of beef smoore on hand for our New Year’s Day open house on Wednesday. 


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