Cooking Video with Jed

So, as part of the Kickstarter, I promised to do some cooking videos. I’m working on them now — I recorded one with Kavi yesterday, making bombatoast, and one with Jed today, making beet curry. Kavi’s going to show me how to edit them (at least the basics), and we’ll get them up soon. But she’s also making a TikTok of today’s.

So far, she’s cut 48 minutes of teaching video down to 6 minutes of teaser, which is what I have here. Jed points out that 6 minutes is too long for a teaser, which yes, I know.  This is also probably somewhat different content than what’ll be in the edited video, because a TikTok isn’t actually about teaching. So some of this may not make it into the final teaching video.

Next Kavi’s going to try to cut it down to maximum 1 minute, because that’s the top limit of how long a TikTok can be. I haven’t even watched this yet, but I thought I’d post it, as part of documenting the process.


(Kavi is watching me type this and says: “That’s a long post!” I said I knew. She said, “Are people really going to read all that?” I said yes. She said, “If this were on Instagram, people would see this and just tap on by!”)

((Now she says, “Really? You’re adding *another* paragraph?))

(((“Hey, Uncle Jed! She’s adding a *fifth* paragraph!” Jed says, “That’s practically tiny for a Mary Anne post…”)))


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