Stocking stuffers for last-minute shoppers

We can’t be the only ones still counting up stocking gifts on the 23rd, right? So a last-minute Stocking Sale, hooray! Running until Christmas Eve midnight, for porch pick-up in Oak Park. A cookbook + curry powder makes a delectable gift!

I’m happy to have non-locals ordering too, but won’t ship those out until 12/26.  No food items sent out of the U.S., sorry! Shipping calculated after you tell me what you’d like to order, but usually in the $8 – $15 range in U.S.

Quantities will be updated as they’re ordered!


Pomegranate Vanilla: 4 oz. body butter, bar soap, 4 oz. bath salts, lip balm

Chocolate Chai: 4 oz body butter, 8 oz. bath salts, bar soaps, flying dragon soap, dragon eye soap

Scheherazade (jasmine, rose, and vanilla): 8 oz bath salts, 8 oz body butter, 4 oz. body butter, bar soaps

Mango, Vanilla & Lime: 8 oz body butter, 4 oz body butter, bar soaps, lip balm

Vanilla Lime: 8 oz. bath salts, 4 oz. body butter

Sandalwood: 8 oz. bath salts

Sandalwood Rose: bath salts minis

Rose: bath salts minis

Fairy soap

Lime dragon soap

Chai Spice dragon soap

Curry Powder Jars



8 oz. Bath Salts – $8
4 oz. Bath Salts – $4
Bath Salts mini sample – $1
Lip Balm – $2
4 oz. Body Butter – $12
8 oz. Body Butter – $20
6 oz. Hand-Roasted Sri Lankan Curry Powder (in either wide or narrow spice jar) – $8 (not spicy; add cayenne to your taste)



And okay, they won’t easily fit in a stocking, but I do still have some books on hand, any of which I’m happy to sign / personalize:

• A Feast of Serendib: A Sri Lankan American, hardcover ($35)
• A Feast of Serendib: A Sri Lankan American cookbook, paperback ($20)
• Bodies in Motion, immigrant literary fiction, hardcover ($15)
• The Stars Change (science fiction, $12)
• Perennial (a little gardening romance, set in Oak Park, $12)
• Survivor (uplifting anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories centered on trauma and survival, $15)



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