Do you want to make a snowflake?

Do you wanna make a snowflake…
…it doesn’t have to be a snowflake. 

I have a remarkably short list of things I need to do today:

• pack three more books and run them to the post office — DONE
• pick up meds — DONE
• if someone’s home at my aunt’s house, drop off her book to her
• finish the ebook with Jed and send it out! (Kickstarter backers, my plan is to include it an update to you later today)
• inventory where we are on kid gifts with Kevin and pick up some stocking gifts while wandering around downtown Oak Park with Jed
• get wrapping paper (or Kevin will)

I think that’s it! If it can all be done today, then tomorrow is just lounging around and relaxing with family — board games and cooking-making and carol singing and putting the star on the top of the tree. Wish me luck!

(There is a basement to finish organizing, and both kids still need twinkle lights added to their rooms (a long-delayed project), and let us not even discuss the printer cabinet and all its madness of cables, but I am resolutely ignoring those until after Christmas!)


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