I have enough soap. Stop making soap.

Mary Anne, I think you have enough soap. Stop making soap. Also, bath salts and body butter. (You can make lip balm, though. Lip balm is allowed.)

Locals have been asking where they can buy the cookbooks AND the Serendib Home stuff (curry powder, sweets, bath indulgences), so I’ll remind people that I’ll be part of Colorful Holiday at L!ve Cafe, Saturday 12/21, 10-3. I’m trying really hard to shop small / indie / woc this year!

But you can also drop me a comment / PM if you want to just stop by my house and shop before then; I’ll actually be around quite a bit and fairly unscheduled the next few weeks, except Tues / Thurs afternoons, when I’m on campus. I know I like to get my holiday shopping done early, because I’m a tiny bit of a control freak. 

Side note: I’ve learned that the reason body butter is so expensive in stores, is that the ingredients are really that expensive — even if I charge $15 for an 8 oz. container, I barely break even! So unless I were doing it in bulk quantities (which I am *not*), it just makes no sense to make more of it. Was a fun experiment, though, and it’s super-easy to do.

Side side note: Pem, some people were asking which day I’d be at Colorful Holiday, so maybe when you have a chance, it’d be helpful to add that info to the CH event page(s) on FB? I don’t think it’s there right now, although maybe I missed it?


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