I need lip balm, so I bought the supplies for making it

I *may* have been online a little too late last night and bought $100 of supplies for making body butter and lip balm. (Mango butter base, shea butter base, beeswax, rosehip seed oil, little containers.) This *may* be related to the fact that my skin was so dry and itchy yesterday that I basically stomped into the bedroom and demanded that Kevin drop everything he was doing and slather my back with lotion.

I complained throughout the slathering about Chicagoland (which I love) having both bitterly dry winters and miserably humid summers. Excuse me, I must stop this posting now so I can go re-apply more lip balm, which is apparently all I do these days.

This is my life now. I am a a machine for applying lip balm.

(On the plus side, new essential oils have arrived, and I am dying to try those scents. Ginger. Clove bud. Rosewood. I am going to do a soap with ginger / clove / cinnamon and call it Amma’s Kitchen.)

(It’s sort of funny that I am fine smelling like ginger, but I don’t want to smell like garlic. :-))


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