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Hey, artists — the SLF is having a little art contest, to choose our signature artwork for the next year! It comes with a $500 prize, which I know isn’t a lot, but it might be a good opportunity for a student artist to bulk up their portfolio?

We’d just be licensing a non-exclusive right to use the work on our website and promotional materials; you’d hold the original and all other rights. Contest starts basically now, and ends in a month — we plan to announce by the end of the year!

Do tell your artist friends! Could be fun!

Photos of previous years’ work below, but please feel free to go in a completely different direction!

– Mary Anne



The Speculative Literature Foundation announces an open call for a piece of original artwork, ideally combining fantasy and science fiction themes, to be featured as its cover art (Illustration of the Year or Artwork) for 2020.

Artwork will be displayed on the Speculative Literature Foundation’s (SLF) website and social media accounts. Artwork will also be used as a visual element of SLF’s marketing material and swag, including but not limited to, bookmarks, pins, posters, etc., and may be cropped or otherwise minimally altered to fit these different formats. The winning artist will receive $500.00 (USD) and will be announced, along with the selected Artwork, on SLF’s website and in a press release.

This is the SLF’s first open call for Illustration of the Year, and the third consecutive year that it has featured an illustration. The SLF, founded in 2004 by author and creative writing professor Mary Anne Mohanraj, is a global non-profit arts foundation serving the speculative literature (science fiction, fantasy, and horror) community. It provides resources to speculative fiction writers, editors, illustrators, and publishers, and aims to develop a greater public appreciation of this art.

Submission Dates: November 20, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. through December 20, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.

Criteria: Each artist (Artist) may submit one (1) artwork for consideration. The artwork may be created digitally or by hand (no photography). The subject matter must combine fantasy and science fiction elements as well as incorporate SLF’s literary focus. All artwork must be submitted in both jpeg and pdf formats. Aspect ratio must work for the website banner, being at least 1500 points wide, and 400-500 points high. Final resolution for print must be at least 11 inches wide and 300 dpi. Files are limited to 10MB.

Submit artwork to, including your name, email address, phone number and short bio.

Terms: Artist must represent that the submission is wholly original art and warrant full ownership of artwork. In submitting art, Artist agrees to indemnify and hold SLF harmless with respect to any challenges or claims regarding ownership of the artwork.

The artwork may not have been featured in any other fantasy and/or science fiction genre prior to submission or pending the announcement of Illustration of the Year.

If chosen, Artist grants SLF exclusive rights to print, publish, display, copy, distribute, and otherwise use the Illustration of the Year for the duration of 2020.

Commencing on January 1, 2021, SLF relinquishes exclusive rights to the Illustration of the Year, but reserves the right to print, publish, display, copy, distribute, and otherwise use the Illustration of the Year in connection with any materials created during 2020, for historical purposes, and for an anthology of Illustrations of the Year updated as needed.

For more information about this Call for Artists or SLF, contact Carly Grant at


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