Basic Income Now, Please

Basic Income Now, Please

it is luxury to work twelve hours
in a row, but be able
to choose your labor,
to shift from task to task
exercising different muscles
including mental ones

stand for endless clock-ticking
hours behind a register, not allowed
to sit down, or read a book
to alleviate the boredom
of a slow shift. even young feet
are aching, miserable by end of day
encased in heeled & pointed shoes

cutting innumerable trays of confectionery
leaves knife-blisters;
the repetitive stirring of a pot
is pleasant in small doses, but arms
grow weary

lifting books into a box,
boxes to a shelf, the back stiffens;
an unsuspecting motion pulls
a gasp of pain. tomorrow and the next
will be quiet computer days
if you have the choice, so spasms
may rest, relax, and disappear

a change is as good as a rest
they say. not quite, but it helps.
it helps.


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