Tropical plants, covered with snow

My tropical plants have been brought in, covered with snow — Kevin remembered at 11 p.m. that the temperature was dropping below freezing tonight, so he and I dragged ourselves out of bed and tromped downstairs. Then mostly he (I helped with the big ones, but I looked so pitifully cold wrapped up in a blanket when I went out there that he told me that he could just do most of them) brought a whole mess of snowy plants into the living room. My hero. I would show you a dramatic photo of more than a dozen big tropical plants covered with a thick coating of snow in the middle of my living room, but I was too tired to take one.

Next, figure out what the weather is like in L.A., because at 8 a.m. I head out to fly there for World Fantasy, and I should probably pack some clothes. Hopefully it’s not snowing. I plan to sleep on the plane, and possibly sleep some more when I get to the hotel. This will be a sleep-a-lot convention.

At the party tonight, Ann told me that she read my FB wall and she was pretty sure I was not getting enough sleep, and she is right. Must take better care of self. I keep getting colds that I can’t shake this fall, which used to be my common winter thing, but mostly went away when I started eating right and exercising. Need to get back to it.

If there are any Feast recipients in L.A. who I haven’t talked to yet, this is your last chance to tell me to pack your book in the morning for hand delivery! You’ll need to come to me, at the LA airport Marriott, but my schedule is fairly flexible for the next four days, and I can also leave it at the front desk for you to pick up if you prefer!

(MaryelizabethIngridRina, I’ll ping you after I get there to set up a time to meet! Maybe tomorrow night at the bar? I have dinner plans, but was just going to hang out at the bar afterwards…)

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