I didn’t check the flight time yesterday

I am slightly annoyed with myself that I didn’t check the flight time yesterday — I’ll make it in plenty of time, but I won’t be able to fit in the interview with Jo Walton that I’d planned, and which I *could* have done at 8 this morning, if I’d realized that my flight was leaving at noon (as opposed to what I thought, that I had to leave for the airport at noon). Sigh. (Too many balls in the air, start dropping them, time to slow down a bit, MA.)

On the plus side, I’ll get home before the kids go to bed, so that is nice. Plan for now — finish packing, get some coffee and fruit at the included-with-room breakfast (I already had the last of the restaurant pittu and curries leftovers for actual breakfast), remind people about upcoming Feast stuff (Kickstarter pre-ordering closes this Wednesday), and then dive into Wild Cards drafting.

I am supposed to give George a story basically now (which I have already gotten two extensions on). Let us not discuss how far into that story I am at this point.

(0%. I am at 0% percent right now.)

(Have pity on my soul. Pray for me. I have perhaps been readingĀ Jo Walton‘s _Lent_ too assiduously, because all the Catholic language is returning to ambush me from my childhood…)

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