New goals for the SLF!

Folks, I’m about to write a series of posts about the SLF.

We’re going to do an October membership drive starting today, to help with our operating costs, and then launch a Kickstarter at the end of the year that’s more project-based, specifically to fund development of free online creative writing teaching resources, along with various other projects for this year (2020) (local chapters & a mentorship program, to start), and starting work on an international translation project for the following year (2021).

We’re setting a goal of 250 new members for October, and since we’ve never done anything like this, I’m honestly not sure how it will go! We haven’t really had members up until this point, but a little support will make it possible to do all kinds of things that we just can’t do otherwise.

Anyway — this is just sort of the pre-writing piece of the series. A heads-up that more is coming. I am honestly still not great at asking for money, even for a cause I really believe in, even after all these years. You’d think I’d have figured it out by now! Oh well. Wish me luck!

(Pictured: me and co-host Chris Bauer and the readers at the last Deep Dish Chicago, our SF/F reading series, now in its third year.)

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