Chocolate muffins from a mix make Anand equally happy

Somehow my 2.5 hr IKEA trip yesterday turned into a 5 hr IKEA trip. Some of that was driving, but still. But on the plus side, we finished the bulk of Anand’s 10th birthday room re-do yesterday, and showed it to him, and he LOVED it. Photos soon — we still have to dismantle his previous bed and build his new bed, also add glow-in-the-dark stars, before it’s really done. But the painters finished and he has new bedding and we reoriented the furniture to a better configuration; it looks very nice.

One result is that some of the baking I had originally planned to do for his birthday has been abbreviated — instead of making pumpkin-chocolate muffins from scratch, I went for a box of IKEA chocolate muffin mix (just add 1 c. water, shake in carton, pour). They will make Anand equally happy, and I can experiment with chocolate-pumpkin muffins another day….

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